What HomeCARE Furniture by Comfortek Can Do For You

Our mission as a home care furniture company is to aid those who are affected by disabilities and disease, while not forgetting about the caregiver’s needs. When disabilities progress, the act of aiding or assisting your loved one or patient’s mobility and movement becomes increasingly more difficult, and dangerous for both parties. Our products are designed to reduce the effort and risk of injury for you as a caregiver and the person that you are caring for. We want you, the caregiver, to see our product as a form of caregiver support, helping you live and work more efficiently and safely. 

Our mobility chairs are specially tailored to the needs and safety standards necessary for the proper care of patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, and Parkinson’s, while also addressing your needs as a caregiver. Our accessible designs feature technologies that make for easier and safer movements within a household during assisted care.

Titan Swivel REZ - 22”

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Furniture Designed to Reduce Stress & Anxiety,

Creating an Enjoyable Mealtime Routine.