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At ComforTek, it's all about caring for those who give CARE!

Caring for those who care.
A Caregiver's Challenge

1. How to safely move a seated person up-to and away-from the table?

2. How to assist a person requiring daily use of a walker / rollator, get seated at a table?

3. How to assist patients at mealtime when patients are seated in different styles of geri chairs?

...and the 4th challenge, how to provide care without risk of personal injury!

Your Loved One
For those persons whose physical abilities are not what they once were, experience an overwhelming sense of being a burden or a nuisance to their children. Often times these once proud individuals will be seen sitting or eating in awkward places, for no reason other than they did not want to inconvenience anyone any more than absolutely necessary. “That’s good enough!” “Please you do not have to fuss over me” are comments frequently uttered. Asking for assistance and then being shuffled around in a chair draws attention to themselves in a manner that they would rather avoid. So, in silence these cherished members of our family feel isolated, alone and dare I say even “ashamed” of their current lot in life!

You, The Caregiver
Caregivers too endure a sense of helplessness as often there is nothing that can be done to improve the situation for an aging loved one! Caregivers frequently lack the physical strength to adjust/move a seated person to a place of greater comfort or enjoyment! Without some mechanical means, even the most cherished of bonding times like a family meal, an afternoon coffee or working together on a Christmas puzzle cannot be enjoyed as a complete family as there is no easy way to get everyone up to the table.

ComforTek has developed a range of HomeCARE products which address these very real mobility challenges. The Royal EZ, TITAN-Chair, TITAN-Swivel and the Butterfly-Table each provide practical ways to enhance the quality of life for an aging loved one.

ComforTek recognizes that each family’s situation is unique and that these products may not be the solution to every situation. We are however equally convinced that the greatest appreciation for these products will be evident in the lives of cherished loved ones as they experience an increased sense of independence, dignity and self-worth!

Randy Schellenberg - President

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Randy Schellenberg, President